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October 4, 2011


This weekend I was doing a little preventative maintenance on the new (yet to be named) bike. I thought I would get some new tires on (the ones it came with were new, but were definitely the bottom of the barrel–they weren’t even molded straight) and check the gears and such.

So after taking the back wheel off, I realize–DOH–I have managed to break two spokes on it. AGH. While clearly not tragedy, still very frustrating. I wracked my brain trying to figure out when I could have done this and then I realized…

A few days after I got my new panniers all made, I um, well, the white one I strapped on empty. I put a bit of cardboard in the back to give it structure, but being empty, that wasn’t really enough and as I whizzed along one morning, I got it completely garbled in my back wheel. I had no idea I had broken spokes, I just thought I had mangled the bag a bit and put the whole thing down to a learning experience on making my own pannier (research and development, you know–with failure comes innovation.)

On the bright side I was able to pinch the back wheel off of Florence for now, being the same size and all, but it involved me doing some gear adjustments that were more substantial than before. Cross your fingers I make it to school today.

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