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Canada. Life.

September 12, 2011



This was the view from Starbucks today. This is Canada Life.


It’s more than just a building. On the top is a weather beacon.

  • Steady green = fair weather
  • Steady red = cloudy skies
  • White flashes = scattered flurries
  • Red flashes = rain
  • Lights running up = rising temperatures
  • Lights running down = falling temperatures
  • Steady lights = steady temperature

(I punked that from Wikipedia.)


It’s also the company my father came to Canada to work for. So really this is where we began our “Canada life.” We later moved across the country, but this is where my father worked when I was born. So since I’ve moved back to Toronto, it’s always had a special little place in my architectural understanding of the city. The next “doors open Toronto,” when all kinds of buildings open up to the public for one day, I should actually go inside and take a look around. (

It was a good place to sit, drink coffee, and wait to pick up Florence and Grover, who are now safely home.








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