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The DPP. Oink.

September 8, 2011

One of the better parts of my ride in is the DPP, a greenway of sorts, although unmarked and with no official name. Around here, it goes by the DPP. Why? Well….let me tell you,

So, although it is quite pretty and green, and often sprinkled with flowers, this path smells on any warm day, absolutely FOUL. When I first started using it as a traffic free slow climb up the hill from my place, I wondered if I had just chosen garbage day to ride or something. Ick.

Then eventually we figured out that the DPP runs along next to a row of abattoirs. I didn’t even KNOW there were still abattoirs in Toronto, but let me tell you, there are. And they stink. So, each day, on my way in, I get to pump my way up the hill taking deep breaths of poor slaughtered piggies. DPP= Dead Piggy Path.

It has it’s beauty as well. Wonderful flowers, and quite a few ground hogs. Who can’t love a ground hog? They are like big teddy bears standing in the grass. Over grown hamsters. I once saw one on the DVP (the real street name on this one, the Don Valley Parkway) running through the grass with a red ball in its mouth. Freaking adorable.

And on the way home, it is down hill allllllll the way. Which is an unbelievable treat at the end of a ride. Except for the black flies that whip up your nostrils, down your throat and into your eyes. I try not to think about how they are probably there because of the dead pigs.

I thought I’d share a shot of one of my home-brew panniers on Riley too. I think it works quite well. There are a few adjustments I would make if I had a sewing machine, but overall, it’s pretty satisfactory.

Ignore the jaunty angle of the seat, the bolt is misbehaving. Today I had to whip out the tools a few times, but only to save myself.


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