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Super Grover.

September 2, 2011

I have a secret desire to be bicycle super hero who swoops down and helps people adjust their seat heights. It drives me to distraction watching people’s knees almost hit their handle bars (augh, get some extension!) or the reverse where you see hips going flippity flop on those with seats too high.

So Riley’s first real test ride was a bit of a buzz as it provided not one, but TWO excuses to pull out my multi-tool and help a fellow cyclist. I had packed tools because I still wasn’t convinced Riley’s back wheel wasn’t going to just pop off mid ride. It stayed on, but something was a bit wobbly. I’m not sure if it is the funky front rim or the pedals and crank need new bearings, but something is still a bit amiss. That said, we both made it to downtown unscathed, and while it did take more effort than it would have on Florence, it was not so bad.

I had built in plenty of “possible repair stop” time before my meeting, so being early, I took the time to treat myself to a coffee at the Green Beanery. They have a fantastic walk up window so you don’t need to park, or even really dismount, from your bike. Coffee stowed in my cup holder, off we went.

(You’ll notice Riley still needs lights that look a little nicer, and man, this bell… USELESS)

Just outside the coffee shop, I saw this twin of Riley’s. My part time mechanic/boy had tried to convince me that white wall or gum wall tires would be better than the all cream I put on Riley, so this twin also gave me a chance to evaluate as it had the white walls. I am smugly happy with my decision.

Just a few blocks later I ran into a friend and fellow cyclist who was so smitten by my cup holder. She raved about it. At first I offered to pick her one up next time I’m at Canadian Tire (where they cost about half of what they do at the bike shops). And then I thought, meh, I have 2 more at home, and I can pick up another later. I hate the way you get people things and then it takes forever to actually get round to passing them over. So I said, you know what, just take this one. I whipped out my multi tool and had it on her bike in minutes. Ta Da! I felt like Super Grover (but on Riley).

By complete fluke later in the afternoon, this guy walked up to me holding a saddle in one hand and pushing a bike in the other to ask me where the nearest bike shop was. Well, turned out he didn’t really need a bike shop, just a set of allen keys, so TA DA AGAIN! So fun. I think if I had a cape though, it would get stuck in my chain or spokes.

Super Grover or Super Geek?

Maybe a little of each.


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