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Groovy. Grover.

August 20, 2011

Grover has been substantially overhauled since I purchased him in January although I can’t say he looks pretty yet. Or ever will. (Although the boy has been talking about stripping the paint and doing a custom job on Grover)

Grover was pretty much the cheapest non-mountain bike I could find on craigslist in the middle of winter. The chap who sold him to me was very nice, but it still is floating around in the back of my brain somewhere how odd it was that he told me he liked to take the seat off and ride it without. Different strokes…? Ouch?

Since then Grover has been in to Bike Chain (the drop in bike work centre at the university) and worked on twice. Bike Chain is pretty fabulous–all the tools you could imagine are there and there is usually someone around to help. It does have its down sides like the one time I had to wait 2 hours for a spot. The first time I took Grover in was just basic tune up stuff and the second time I took apart the crank shaft and repacked it with grease and ball bearings, did the same to the two wheels and then added a basket and rear rack. Now that I look at him though, I see the basket is on very strangely


Grover used to stay on campus for when I took the subway in, but lately has been used as a shopping bike–a role he is likely to lose to the new Raleigh and he will probably be sent back downtown for some urban living again.

I was at Curbside cycles one day and they had a big bin of Basil panniers on sale so I picked up these for Grover. They have been fantastic. (The other Basil Pannier I bought there though had one of the clips snap off

the attachment mechanism just a week or two after I got it.)

Grover rides really nicely and is great for car-less shopping. I can load so much on him, about 4 full shopping bags between the basket and panniers.

If it wasn’t for the paint-job I think Grover could be beautiful. We may get to that yet though. I’m starting to think a dignified flat black might be quite dashing.

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