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Unconventional Transportation

April 27, 2011


It’s been difficult to consider keeping up a bicycle blog when my bicycles are in Japan, and I, sadly, am not. (I still have Grover and we toodle around campus, but between inclement weather and no gears, it’s just short jaunts).


Maru is going on a cruise. No, I’m not making flowery turns of phrases for my bike getting shipped, I actually mean she is going on a cruise ship, and will cross the pacific in the company of socialite retirees who play shuffle-board and wear large brimmed hats.

I had thought I would be (back) in Japan by now, but several things have delayed my trip till August, and I don’t think I can manage without Maru for much longer, so my parents have most patiently and kindly agreed to escort Maru back with them on their cruise home. I am spoiled, I know. It is fantastic that they are willing to go to the trouble of packing her up, shipping her from Tokyo to the cruise terminal and dealing with all the hassle. I am thrilled. I also have no idea yet how I will get her from Vancouver to Toronto.

Having delayed my trip has left me facing several comical situations. The weather here in Toronto has finally broken and the cold misery that makes up the better part of the year here has made its brief transition to tolerable before the hot and sticky sets in. And this has made me realize, I have not a thing to wear. I mean literally. I left all my summer clothes in boxes in Tokyo thinking I could travel back without luggage this summer. Oops. No summer dresses. No shorts. No summer shirts.

I also had only planned housing here in Toronto until April, so I briefly found myself homeless. But this has been rectified with the most apt and above suitable of solutions and I am now happily ensconced in a very lovely home with excellent company. (Somehow I feel like a hamster that has finally collected enough fuzzy bits to make a nice warm enclosure and have tucked myself neatly in–my cheeks are bursting with sunflower seeds as I write).

Yes, right. Well, point being, Maru is on her way home, immigrating to Canada by boat. The Danish designed, Taiwanese built, Japanese bought bike is coming home to Canada on a Dutch-American ship likely registered in the Caribbean by my British parents, via Russia. I only hope she will not immediately be stolen. How many locks do you think I need?

I can’t wait to speed through Toronto on (one of) my bestests of friends. Yipppeee for Maru. Yipppeee for the old folks and Holland America for making the reunion possible.

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