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lovely things — lights

December 8, 2010

Well, the trees have not even finished showering us with golden and red leaves but the lights are up. You can literally look at the ginko trees with their full golden beauty just blocks from here in Omotesando where it is now time for sparklies and winter delight. Who knew global warming could squish the wealth of two seasons into one?

And somewhat shockingly, I turned the corner on the way home to see this. I think it’s a pretty outstanding job and not a sight you see everyday here.

It’s a bit hard to see, but there is a giant, inflatable, dancing santa clause in the front window….

I almost made a fatal biking mistake today. Ok, not fatal, perhaps painful. I rode Maru across town, then switched to the bike with the baby seat on the front, put a little friend in the seat and set off for the library with all our 20-plus books in the back. At the library I parked and without thinking tried to swing my leg over the back of the bike as I would to dismount Maru, despite the fact that I was on a step-through. My leg, mid mid-air swing, hit the rear basket and almost threw me sideways, which would have made me lose my hold on the bike, with said small friend still belted in, which could have set us all on a complicated, and painful, tumble to the ground. It’s so much an intuitive thing to dismount a bike, how does one avoid such things?

Still, there are few sweeter pleasures than riding a bike with a toddler shrieking “la~~~~~la~~~~~” as we swoosh down hill.

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