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lost in the fall.

November 27, 2010

I seem to have lost track of things again. Life tends to get away from me sometimes, particularly when the drama of others sucks me in.

Fall is here. And is it beautiful. This week I went to the Nezu museum in Aoyama and took a few shots with my cell phone. I have shots from MeijiGaien too, but they will have to wait for now.

Sorry for the poor quality. We are going out leaf chasing today (did you know there is an app for that? It tells you what state the leaves are in at different locations in Japan) in the Fuchu area, so maybe I will have some better ones later today.

I’ve been enjoying the fall weather on a variety of bikes: Maru and I have been whizzing around again, Mabel and I were just out this morning, and I have been using the SUV bike (with baby carrier on the front) for some trips with the best of company for a ride, a toddler who sing-songs when we peddle along.

I am grateful for the late fall here. And happy the leaves have gone full bloom before it has been spoiled with rain or snow, but I can feel the nip of frost approaching in the morning air.

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