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Don tsuku don

November 22, 2010

So yesterday was the big day: the Miyake Taiko concert.

Yuki and I only joined Miyake Taiko in September, so we have had exactly nine classes leading up to the performance. I still have a long way to go on proficiency, but I’m still kind of amazed we (well less Yuki, she much more taiko competent than I) managed at all. Our class is mostly fairly new people so they largely only had about four more months experience than us. There are a few well seasoned people in the class too though who held us together in many ways.

I’m third from the left.

I have to say, I was so nervous I don’t think I could actually see by the time I had my first go at the drum.

Yuki and I were up as a combo to start.

I tend to hold my breath when under stress, and I think I may have forgotten to breathe for the duration of this set, because when I traded off to the next person, I suddenly felt incredibly nauseous.

That’s the last set (below) with me at the mic doing the “washoi.” I think it was the only time I’ve managed to actually do it properly.

I have to say, right now I have a CRACKING headache that I think is the culmination of yesterday’s stress, 8 hours of listening to drumming, and then a raucous after party of 100 people. The drum beats are burnt onto my brain from watching all the different groups perform, and they were great, fabulous in fact, but the kind of echo of resonating drum beats does not mix well with a late night. If at the beginning I couldn’t get the beat down, conversely now it is forever etched into the grain of my brain. At the moment, I kind of wish it would go away because it’s starting to border on the old cylon noise from the old battlestar galactica: just an ominous, ever present droning noise.

It was a fabulous experience and our class seemed to really come together over the last few practices, and it was lovely to get to know everyone. Even more so at the after party, which I will see if there are any worthwhile pics to post later.


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