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Less bike, more lunch

November 20, 2010

My father once described my life to me as a series of lunches. It’s completely accurate.

A terrible confession…I have to be full up front here and admit I don’t think I have ridden Maru all week, not since I went to Tochigi (although since I can’t quite seem to drum up what I was doing on Monday, and seeing as how I have some memory of getting quite wet on a bike this week…was that this week? I can’t be sure).

Oh wait (oh, god, dare I admit I just used my own facebook profiles as artificial memory?) I DID ride Maru on Monday, and quite far, and yes, of course it rained. I went to get my hair cut, which was probably one of the most ridiculously stupidly stressful days of my life. sigh. HOURS of my life gone, but at least they managed to rectify the green colour my hair had been turned. It’s a long story, it wasn’t pretty, and I don’t think it is worth posting, but let’s just remember everyone, don’t get highlights done in Japan. China seems to manage just fine. Japan…. well, let’s just say it’s a lesson I should have taken to heart last time.

So where have I been if not in the soft white leather saddle of my bicycle? I did take Mabel out for a few short trips on errands, but mostly, this is where I have been. And before you laugh at how ridiculous my life is, I would like to stand up for myself and tell you I DID LOADS OF WORK THIS WEEK. LOADS. HEAPS AND HEAPS. I have been reading theory. In Japanese. I never had the faith in myself before, and while it can be slow going, it’s getting done.

But yes, my ridiculously lovely, if lonely life.

Tuesday. Karma Cafe.

Did some reading with the help of a little Gateau Chocolate and ice coffee. If you look closely, you can see the train on the platform in the background. Afterwards, I went to the LIBRARY.

Wednesday I was in Ginza with Akiko and we went to Aux Bacchanales. There used to be one at the bottom of Takeshita Dori in Harajuku but it moved out ages ago (a sad loss I think). We had Cafe au Lait. After this I went to Mugs and did work there.

Thursday it’s probably a good thing I had class so I could take a break from the coffee shops. Although….. we did end up at La Boheme in Shibuya for dinner after taiko.

Friday I, a bit worse for wear after a late night in Shibuya, tried a cafe round the corner I stumbled across, Camera Livera. I has really lovely ambiance and while the menu was a bit slim (two dishes to choose from for lunch) they did manage to modify one item to not have meat for me. I had a lovely blue cheese omelet thing (too bad I’m not realllllly taken with blue cheese) and it was to be followed by a hot chai tea.

I dutifully finished my rather late 3:30 pm-ish lunch and kept reading while I waited for my tea. I wasn’t in a hurry per se, but I did want to get on to the library to read a book there that they have. I waited….. one of the woman seemed to be boiling the kettle, oh good, I think, tea’s on its way. Kettle boils, woman makes herself a cup of coffee and sits down at the computer. Sigh, try to subtly get her attention. She gets into a long conversation with the other cafe woman. Other woman goes into the kitchen. Oh good, I think, she’s gone to make my tea, I’ll be patient and keep reading, I guess this place has a slow vibe. That can be good for reading, right? Ten minutes pass, woman comes back from kitchen, begins another conversation with her co-worker. Sigh. I try to make eye contact, to no avail. I carry on a quiet debate with myself about the merits of breaking the silence to ask for my tea just as one of the ladies goes back into the kitchen and appears with a tetra pack, OF CHAI!! Yay, I think, tea is definitely on its way. Remain calm, I tell myself, keep reading. I read for ten minutes or so, no chai. It’s been about 45 minutes since I finished eating at this point, and while I appreciate the quiet reading time, I also bloody well want my nice warm spicy tea already. Once again look up, start to say something, woman wanders by to back room where there is a small mommies meeting of some sort. She does not notice me at all. I feel small. And very thirsty. Sigh. I’ve pretty much given up at this point, I need to get to the library anyway. But the tea is part of the SET LUNCH, and I have some pride somewhere in all this, but I’m not sure why since obviously I could have just bucked up and ASKED. Just then, three new customers walk in, and sit at the table next to me. Lady brings them water, and as she passes by me, I say “excuse me” but she walks right by. Kind new customer sees my complete failure to attract woman’s attention and actually calls her over for me. I order tea. “Oh yes, tea.” she says. No effusive apology. Just, “oh yes, tea.” And so the tea, eventually and beautifully, arrived.

I’d like to tell you it was worth the wait. The presentation was lovely, but it was, well, to be honest, meh. I’m not a fan of wide cups, they cool too quickly, and it was a milky tea, that’s all.

So, I’m not sure. Overall, the experience kind of left a sour taste in my mouth. I fully take responsibility for not being more demanding. But I also wasn’t feeling up to being demanding. If you were having a quiet reading day in which you had been on your own all day and hadn’t really spoken, and you got into that kind of non-talking headspace, would you have suddenly upped and demanded tea? And it was weird the way time just kind of slid along, there was never a point where it was RIGHT to demand tea. So I am not sure if it is a good reading spot for me or not. We might have to give it a second shot. It is right behind the library. Which I did then go to.

That was my week in cafes. Yes. Utterly ridiculous. And then Yuki and I had to get up this morning at some insane hour to go to our rehearsal for the Taiko performance tomorrow and afterwards we went to Slow cafe for lunch. It’s organic. And vegetarian. And pretty yummy.

That’s soy whip cream there…. Yum.

I’m still most fond of Mugs cafe. And I think it is best value for money too.

So, when you coming for coffee with me? You’ll need to bring a book though, ok?

Taiko concert tomorrow…yikes!!!

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