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om nohm nohm nohm

November 16, 2010

festivals= food. Yummy food.

So, perhaps it’s time for a very short lesson in Japanese festival vernacular. The most important word in Japanese, (after “orimasu~~~” when you are trying to get off a crowded train) is YAKI.

Yaki. Cooked, fried, burnt….yummy.

Takoyaki. squid+fried. Squid balls. Drenched in mayonaise and bulldog sauce.

(actually, no offense to the old man who made them, but they were among the worst I’ve had. They are usually quite lovely)

Yakisoba. Fried+noodles (basically). Chowmein of Japan, staple of street food. I didn’t have any this time. One has to pick carefully which foods to eat or you get full too quickly.

Yakiniku. Cooked+meat. I don’t do meat. But there was a huge line for this Nikko high quality beef.

Taiyaki. now tai is a kind of fish, but it’s just the shape. This is like waffle with red bean past inside.

I don’t remember what this was called, but it was a circular sausage in a bun. It was a “smile burger” or something. Lolipop meat.

A short break away from the noise down a back alley to the coffee shop “Romanchika” for a small but strong coffee with clotted cream. There was a guy in there with a pompadour.

And onto dessert. Candy fruit. (which I skipped in favour of)

Chocolate filled something or other. I forget what it was called too. But it was GOOD. I asked the girl “so which flavour is good?” She said “all of them.” So I said “well then of course chocolate.” And she kindly responded with “this one is really extra full of chocolate, so I think you’ll like it.” Smart girl.

Chocolate banana. My first. Not so hot on the pink wheat puffs on the side which  are masquerading as something sweeter. It was ok.

Jaga butter. Otherwise known as clogged artery, or jacket potato with insane amount of butter. Still, very good. Always is.

Away from the festival, I had dinner. (yes, I agree, unbelievable I still was eating at this point. but I would like to point out I didn’t have everything above, and the takoyaki were so sour I only ate 3 of 6)

These are, ooh, trick name, Ebi Fry. Not Yaki. For some reason, known only to the ancients, things that are breaded before being fried, are “fry.” Things in frying pans, not “fry” but yaki. Things in deep fryer PLUS bread crumbs: fry.

And a bit out of category, but oooh so lovely, I had this lovely little quiche in a cup and cup of potage in mashiko at a lovely little cafe called kenmoku. It was perfect. I mean, absolutely, completely, in every way, perfect. Ok, except the fly that kept trying to land on my nose. The interior was lovely and all wood and ceramic, and the food was so yummy.

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  1. Libby permalink
    November 18, 2010 9:35 pm

    I want to eat everything you eat. I think you could make a living running a company that does culinary tours of Japan.

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