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Tokyo Beauty

November 10, 2010

So, while on the rest of the interweb, fall seems to be coming to a close, here it seems to have finally arrived and the leaves are just about to be gorgeous. I’m not getting my hopes up too high for fall though because fall and spring here seem to always be almost subliminal; you wait and wait for summer to end, and then get propelled straight into winter. Spring is often a non-entity too, smushed into a day or two between cold, rainy season and the onslaught of sticky hot summer. However, the weather today was slightly crisp but wonderful for riding across town (Wednesday: painting day) and I weaved my way back taking some snaps. Cross your fingers that we get at least a few days of this, and I will snap up more Tokyo goodness for you.

The Ginko trees in Meiji Gaien park haven’t turned yet, but when they do, I think they will be spectacular. They were setting up in the park for foliage viewing festival from this weekend on, so I will try and stop by, maybe Sunday night, and check out the goodies on offer. (I’m imagining wistfully warm steamed buns and hot drinks, maybe warm foods on sticks, fried noodles, squidy balls….)

Brief stop on the railway bridge, the towers of Shinjuku in the distance.

The Takoyaki (squid balls) stand at the edge of Shinjuku park–I seem to have really figured out how to skirt the green space lately….

I thought this bright pink bike was a lovely ride for this police man. At first I thought he was moving it because it was illegally parked, but he did in fact pedal away on it a moment later. It takes a real man to ride a hot pink, mini-velo.

Through the fairly empty back streets of mid afternoon weekday Shinjuku proper (everyone is in their offices). The tall building at the end is pretty new to the sky line and is the new art school at the west exit. Doesn’t this almost, *almost*, look a bit neo-European

I’m really happy with this shot.The original skyscrapers of Shinjuku. Many years ago, far across town, I could see the blinking red light on their roofs from my bedroom window as a teenager, back when they were the greatest towers on the landscape.

She be fast, that Maru. I bought her a frame pad today. Finally. So much easier bringing her up the stairs on my shoulder now. I hummed and hah-ed for so long about what one to get that I began to doubt I ever would. But she’s been so good, and I think she deserved it.

I think this kid rocked his bike. I’m a bit partial to 16 inch wheels. And the baby blue is a nice touch.

And this is the new bike parking they are putting in at Nishi-Shinjuku. I doubt it will be ready before I go, but still exciting that one is going in in a place that is already so urban and unlikely to usually get more underground stuff. This tunnel is very creepy to look down on the way home at night. You can see a long way down into nothingness…..

If you look straight back in the middle, you can see a dark blue glass building. It’s a karaoke … building?….centre?…place. I’m fairly sure it’s the one from Lost in Translation, but I would have to watch it again to be sure. At any rate, it IS the one that saw us rack up an unbelievable $400 dollar tab in 2 hours one night. I saw the total and felt kind of queasy. I learnt a valuable lesson: Never go to a Karaoke bar with people whose drinking habits you don’t know or you may be in for sharing a bigger tab than is really worth it. Aiyaiyai, remembering splitting that bill evenly all-ways still hurts.

Such a lovely day to be out and about on Maru. And believe it or not, I did HEAPS of work too. See that pannier stuffed with books and laptop!

…and maybe you noticed yesterday that Mabel had a new plate. Well don’t worry, Maru has one too that matches her perfectly. Thanks Joe! It’s getting loads of compliments.

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