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November 7, 2010

How many academic books can you fit in a small pannier when forced?

Seven and a notebook. Very expensive day at Kinokuniya book store yesterday. And frustrating. You would think finding books on cyborg philosophy would be easy here. It’s not.

How much does it cost to take your bike in on a whim to have the seat raised, the brakes adjusted, the chain oiled, the brake cables fixed (minor repair from chaffing on the frame) and tires checked?

Nuffin. Love it. Not so bad to hang around the shop waiting with all those boys with lovely smiles either. I love the free after care at bike stores here. I can add that into my balancing of value for money paid so far right?

What is the difference between a okuizome and a christening?

Not a heck of a lot from where I stand. They are both lovely excuses to get the family together to meet the new baby, both involve almost provoking the child to tears by putting things right in their face (at christenings with water, at okuizome with food), both involve some kind of symbolic food implements (but silver versus enamel) and both then involve lovely feasts of food afterwards. I went to my little friend Kaho’s okuizome today. From what I have pieced together, it is a celebration of a baby’s 100th day (but varies by locality) and has a connection to the timing of the coming in of baby teeth. Different symbolic-y foods are sort of almost fed to the baby, more of a touching to the lips, in order to wish for a baby with a strong constitution. Kaho got to “try” things like fish and rice. I got to eat cake. I think I got the better end of this get together.


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