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midnight shinjuku

November 4, 2010

Tokyo is wonderful because even when you are in familiar spaces, you can be rediscovering. At one point in my life, this “eye” was synonymous with Shinjuku for me. And yet yesterday when I turned a corner in the station, I had forgotten it was there and it gave me a beautiful, if slightly mournful, bout of nostalgia. “Hello 1989, long time no see. It’s nice to have you back for a moment.”

(the chairs that clearly mock you by sliding you right off)

The grungy underground passage to city hall is, well, beautiful in its own way. And if you were wondering, this is also one of the places the homeless are currently taking refuge. I think there is some beautiful irony that the homeless inhabit the tunnels under city hall.

(this belongs to the blind. please don’t put things on it)

I found it hauntingly beautiful in its starkness in the late hours of the evening.

and this blurry photo is of the Y-junction on m y way home that is marked by a small shrine. It’s one of the wonders of my daily ride. I veer left here, as I fly through the empty midnight streets.  And yet a different kind of haunting beauty to the tunnels of Shinjuku, don’t you think?

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