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a short post about nothing in particular

November 2, 2010

So. there may be (a very small) number of people out there wondering where I have gone. Strangely, this is also a question I have been asking myself. I seem completely unable to account for the last week or so, and it has passed in a blur of procrastination and occasional work. Somehow I am exhausted. I must have squeezed in more work than I thought. Not exactly sure what I’ve been so busy with, but it must have been very, very important and arduous. I seem to remember smushing my life to fit around the schedule of a small nephew who had some extra time to spend with aunty during some contrived late autumn week off from school. (Halloween week? Typhoon week? Autumn leaves viewing week?) Lovely times. Tired.

So here I am literally gasping for coffee at Mug. Hiro-san (yes, finally asked his name) is just bringing me my second americano and I have just restored my energy reserves with a lovely pad-thai-like yakisoba lunch. I was strangely drawn here today and passed several other haunts to get here. It feels right.

I was contemplating just now the concept of free omori, or what equivocates to super sizing. At first I was thinking it’s a bit silly to oversize rice or noodles for free, but then I realized it’s actually quite brilliant, because it means you can serve generally slightly smaller portions and give customers the option to express need or extreme hunger. Overall this must lead to much less wasted food and much less over eating that results in that after lunch ickiness feeling. I did warn you at the top that I was posting on nothing in particular.

Maru is doing well. Somehow I have scratched her in two places. I am trying to take this as a sign of how much I love her, not as a scar to her perfect being. She will age. As do I. I don’t need her to be pristine to enjoy our rides. right?

I have also noticed recently my language skills in English taking a nose dive. I quite often can’t dig up the word I want or struggle with not quite right words, often words that sound almost like the word I want, but actually have completely different meanings. This tends to happen a few months into being here as the effects of no passive English around me take their effect. affect? see, losing it. In the past, I have blamed it on speaking in Japanese and losing the English. This time I don’t know that I’ve been speaking Japanese much at all. This all makes doing my work considerably more difficult as I struggle with sentence construction in places I would normally blow through. Oh well.

So it is guiltlessly then that I have become totally addicted to the British TV show Wallander which stars Kenneth Branagh. And to be fair, it’s a completely manageable addiction since I can only watch them at my brother’s place, which means about 2 a week.

Anyway, so if you are wondering, Japan is still here. So am I. The weather is (cross my fingers) completely tolerable for the rest of the week, a lovely 10-20 degree kind of fall. The rain and typhoon that hit last week has left us a bit damp but without much other wear.

I’ll work on taking some nice fall photos. I’m pretty sure most of you would rather look at pretty things than read my increasingly awkward prose.

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  1. Libby permalink
    November 4, 2010 5:55 pm

    I like pretty pictures AND your perfectly lovely prose.

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