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A soba-ing afternoon

October 2, 2010

Occasionally I am invited out of the city to a friend’s home for his “circle” which usually involves a private concert and nice meal at his house with about 15 people. Today though, we had a soba noodle making afternoon.

Full Buckwheat Soba (no wheat)

1) measure buckwheat flour and water. 2:1 ratio by weight

2) Make hole in flour. Pour in about 1/3 of water. Swish hands around in large circles. For a long time. A LONG time.

3) Enlist the help of a good friend when your arms get tired. Repeat 3times.

4) When mixture is cornmeal-ly, form into ball and knead.

until it looks like this:

See? like this.

Optional step) Wear ridiculous apron and tell people you are Dali. (Apparently I’m not the only one who only makes myself laugh. He made himself laugh a lot)

5)Flatten dough with hands until about a 30cm round. Don’t be polite and wait your turn for the kneading board, because your dough will dry out, and like me, you will be tsk tsk-ed and forced to start again.

6) Roll dough with long stick. Make claws with your hands, start in centre of pole, push with the heel of your hand as you roll, and your hands move outwards.

7) Roll more. Roll until it is very thin and you can’t believe you are still expected to roll it.

8 ) Fold into 4s or 6s, sprinkling liberally with flour. Chop with big, heavy, hard to wield knife. Make no attempt to lift knife off table, you will be scolded (but it wasn’t me this time)

9) If you chop too thickly, you will be scolded for cutting like ‘udon’. That’s not good. The noodles on the right are a bit wide (not mine)

10) Take home some for sharing. These are my actual noodles, from start to finish in the picture below.

Some noodles are for enjoying now. Yum. Cold, if you were wondering.

And other treats abound…

Tofu, konnyaku, chikuwa and potato

A happy party overall.

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