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Linda Linda Linda

October 1, 2010

So over on Lovely Bicycle, there is a contest to win a pair of beautiful dress guards. The rules ask that your bicycle write to her bicycle, Linda, and explain why you deserve them.

As any of you who actually know me know, I crack myself up. Often others don’t find me funny, but really, I think if I can keep myself laughing, that’s probably more important. Anyway, in the spirit of “I probably think I am funnier than you do,” here is my entry. I likely won’t win. But man did I kill myself laughing writing it. (and please, don’t tell me where the grammar mistakes are in the Japanese. I can’t be held responsible for the bike’s low level of education.)





(owna translation)
Dear Rinda san,
I am Japanese bike. I think Rinda’s doress guard very very pretty.
My owna is very nice, but she is foreigner, from Canada.

When she rides me around Tokyo, people look at her. Sometimes they stare. Especially in our small part of Tokyo. At the grocery store, she loads me up with so many things, and people stare at her. At the bike parking lot at the station, the security man talks to her.

No one looks at ME. I am a beautiful bike, don’t you think so? I want to be more, do you know Japanese “kawaii”? I want people to notice me. I have very cheap plastic doress guards but with Rinda’s guards, I think maybe people would notice ME.

When we go to Harajuku, I want to be kawaii like the girls in pink dresses. When we go to Ginza, I want to feel stylish.

My owna, she tried to make me pretty with a nice flower on my basket. But I think it’s not enough.

I think no one in Tokyo has such pretty doress guards. I think everyone would shriek “kawaii” and point at me. This would make me very happy. I could feel proud. Even though my owna is not Japanese, “gaijin”.

Thank you Rinda.

(google translate version)

I’m writing from Tokyo. Looks like Linda guard dress really beautiful!
But I’m not a Japanese owner are friendly and Canadians.
We have the look at the shape of all owners. Sometimes peers. This is especially so in this narrow Nakano. Let us all great luggage and a basket at the supermarket. The guard’s story puts the station parking lot.

Naka Naka’s not who I am sure. Would not I pretty? I want to be more cute. People want to build me a color. Poi 私Yasu cute dress to guard now. After Linda’s dress guard maybe, maybe look at me everyone. .
When you go to Harajuku and more want to be cute. Aligned with everyone in costume.
Time to go to Ginza, I want to be more fashionable.

Guard it very difficult to see such a cute dress in Tokyo. I do, all fingers point to “dwarf, or ~ ~” might say. A joy. Will be a boast. Despite being foreign owners.

Thank you.

P.S. Linda Linda is a FABULOUS movie.

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