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September 26, 2010

I have now had Maru a week. And yet somehow I have yet to take a picture. It’s been raining a lot.

In the first week, I have saved 2860 yen in train fares, and ridden about 107km. I’m more impressed with the distance than the savings. Still, I could work off the investment before leaving without too much trouble I think.

I have ridden to Jiyugaoka, Nakameguro, Shinjuku, Aoyama among others, and each trip has been lovely, although often I have been soaked in the rain, overall the fall weather has been fantastic. I have found several new green ways, and my head is beginning to map things quite quickly. Kannana, the next big circle road that used to seem far away, has become fairly familiar territory.

I am most impressed with the fact that even the long rides have given me no aches whatsoever. The day I took a day off just in case, my back killed from carrying my gear around on my back. Riding is less pain. Even than the train. It is beginning to feel lazier and easier to ride 15 plus km than go get on a train. I’m kind of proud.

I want to learn how to switch my handle bars. I am worried that it is a bad idea for me to try and tackle a major renovation on something so precious to me. More reading to do I suppose, then an informed decision.

The sliding wooden doors in my room have been sticking for some time now. I thought the humidity was making the wood swell. I tried everything to make them move better. But the one that took? Lip balm. I greased the rails with lip balm. Amazing results. Never underestimate the power of mentholatum.

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