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cafe 246

September 22, 2010
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Yes, absolutely, I agree, I should be posting about Maru. About how fast she is, and how I wizz down the streets, and am on the verge of becoming a public menace with how quickly I move by people. I could whinge about how really Shinjuku is not the place to really try and see how fast a bicycle will go. But mostly I’m not because I haven’t taken any pictures yet. Tomorrow I plan to hook my camera up the handle bars for my likely to be epic ride down to jyugaoka for lunch. Then there will be some pics. Maybe blurry from speed.

Walking, by the way, has come to feel positively slow and boring. It takes forever to get anywhere walking.

So instead today I will offer you a mini-review of cafe246 in Aoyama. I ended up there for lunch because I had ridden Maru across town for my painting lesson (cancelled…) and then after an errand, had to get back there to eventually end up near Maru who was parked comfortably in A VERY SAFE place.

I’ve been to 246 a couple of times, and I went there knowing it would offer me the following three things: lunch for under 1000 yen, a 30something crowd, and most importantly, internet.

It’s the second time I’ve been seated at cafe246 (2 out of 3) and they have forgotten to give me a menu. I find this odd. The area, and the 246 get a lot of Westerner traffic, so it can’t be a shock thing. Maybe I should take it as a hint. But, well, otherwise they are pretty nice to me, other than seeming slightly put out by me being alone. I tend to get sat at the counter (2 out of 3 again, and the other time I wasn’t alone) but they eventually move me to a table when it quietens down. I had, in all fairness, purposely not gone till after 1pm. I firmly believe that those of us who wish to lounge and work in cafes should not occupy tables between 12 and 1.

I ordered the seafood curry rice with a lemon (fizzy) squash. The seafood was deep-fried and delicious, and not too much off it so it was like a treat without the overkill heavy factor. It was a bit on the spicy side, but generally lovely.

I did do some work there, and it probably is a workable place, but I was seated under the speaker and it was just too darn loud.

As far as cafe, drinks, crowd and food go, I give it a definite yes. It’s probably better as a social space though (although there were a lot of macs there) as perhaps hinted by their 2000 yen all you can drink price in the evening.

Oh, they also have free internet terminals, so if you ever happened to be here travelling, and wanted to mix lunch with checking in on-line, it’s a go. They will even serve you at the computer station.

2 day distance covered: 2.7 + 2.0+ 8.1+9.2= 17.3km

2 day train fare saved: 210 +210 + 160= 580

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