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Tall Tails

September 6, 2010
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This weekend got away from me a bit, but it was all lovely times with important people.

Yesterday I went to Mt Takao (high/tall tail/ridge). I haven’t been since Christmas 1989 and there was still unused days on my 5 day Japan Rail (slow train only) pass so off we went. It wasn’t really far enough to justify using the ticket, but it was better than not using them up at all. I think if it was a little less boiling right now I might have ventured further for an overnight or something, but also the days seem to be constantly filling up more quickly than I can keep myself organized.

Anyway, Takao. Lovely. Cooler. High. One day I would like to climb it rather than take the funicular, but yesterday was not to be the day.

It was a very, very steep funicular. A bit stomach churning steep.

At the top I had a little black sesame dango (grilled mochi rice paste balls on a stick). It was nice to go somewhere a bit green, but of course, the problem with Tokyo is that anywhere you can get to easily in a day, so can everyone else, so it is pretty difficult to actually “escape” without getting embroiled in real cost and real time. Still, Takao is a lovely and quick exit from the city.

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