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no piece of cake.

September 3, 2010

See that little white blob in the bottom left? No? That’s my bike at Takebashi. It was further (and sweatier, thank you Tokyo summer) than I thought. I have trouble conceptualizing Kudanshita and Yasukuni where they should be on my internal map, which makes that side of the city confusing. It’s a weird little part of the city too, in the sense that there are so many areas crammed together, yet you can never tell exactly which one you are in, or what the neighbouring one is.

Because of the palace, many of the roads in Tokyo head into the centre from the outlying areas. In that sense, it’s worth thinking of Tokyo as a series of pizza slice lines, and the big roads coming in as the cut lines.

But, and I have said this before, a series of circles also run around the city, starting with the moat of the palace. I tend to think of things around the palace (as in facing onto the moat) in terms of where they are on the clock. The national diet is at 9. Ginza is around 6ish. But somehow, (partly because Ginza is actually about 5), I have problems conceptualizing of Kudanshita as not also at the bottom of the clock. This is because I used to come at it from Ginza. See, if you are riding around the palace, you actually have very little sense of how much angle you have covered. It’s like riding/walking along a line that has just a bit of an angle, so you know you are continually leaning left, but until you hit back to the point you started at, you have no idea how much circumference you have covered. Or at least I don’t. (compass. best 7 bucks I ever spent)

As much as I stood there today, I could not get my brain to flip North back to North, and I still perceive of North as South in this instance. I thought I had made a real mess of getting there, but when I looked at the map just now, I actually did a fairly efficient job at winding my way there.

Some archive work, some library work, some cake. Good day.

Wait, momo, that’s CAKE. smile.

That’s better.

I had a fairly successful time guestimapping my way to Waseda and then home later.

All told, a sweaty 20km today.

I really like this dress, but you know something gross? Don’t wear  black on sweaty bike rides. Sweat leaves salt marks that are kinda like that gross white fuzz/foam that sometimes lines the beach where the tide came in. But then again, you can’t wear white, so what’s a girl to do?

Train fare conserved: 520 yen (I’ve decide to keep track of what I don’t spend on trains. I’m curious how fast it may be adding up)

Total time on bike, about 2 hours.

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  1. RHG permalink
    September 18, 2010 6:48 pm

    Cake, archives, library, and a nice bike ride. Life is good, no? 🙂

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