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More pics from the handle bars.

August 13, 2010

I took a few more pictures as I rode across town. Most of them I just pushed the button as I was riding.

city hall above me

I missed on this one, but I like the way it worked out with my handle bars and flower.

It was such a windy day yesterday, here you can (fuzzily) see all the bikes knocked over by the wind. All along my way there were hundreds down, it made me sad. The wind was so strong that a gust of it knocked me sideways as I crossed a street, almost blowing me into traffic. I guess typhoon season is on the way.

The first level crossing I usually cross.

The second level crossing had this unusual sight. Both the freight train during the day, and the fact that it was stopped across the street with no sign it was moving anytime soon.

I wasn’t the only one bewildered. I found another route around, but ten minutes later when I passed the far end of the train, it still hadn’t moved.

I liked this guys outfit. It takes work to pull of purple mc hammer pants. Especially on a bike.

and this little beauty parked down below the house by a few blocks.

Today we all went to the zoo with friends. We had a lovely time and saw elephants mating, rhino’s projectile urinating, and penguins projectile pooping. We also saw some pretty darn cute other animals, and despite the sweltering heat had a great time.

I also was given a really lovely new bag by my friends as a late birthday present (I am terribly spoiled) which is going to look great in the basket of the beaute. Can’t wait to take a photo.

I’m enjoying my voyeuristic camera mount. I need to figure out a little more about exposures (for speed when riding) and night photos.

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