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picture perfect…ish.

August 9, 2010

This is the new part of Yamate-dori, with the still young trees. Look how wide that sidewalk is! And it’s meant to be half for bikes!

So I got a new toy that made this photo possible–a camera mount for the bike. It just velcros on, and it borders on vulgar really, but it allows me to take photos like this:

nice red shoes huh?

and nice cliche ones like this:

see, kimonos AND trains.

and ones like this:

as I cycle past the Tokyo City Hall building. You can see it on the right there.

So, really, I haven’t tested the possibilities for the bike mount, I just snapped a few to see if it works. It was a bit hard because my backpack was in my basket and in the way, and then the brake wire kept getting in the way. On top of that, you have to kind of trust you are pointing at the right thing, because you can’t see the lcd screen when it’s mounted on the handle bars without looking away from the road and downwards. I think though with a bit of practice, this could really let me take a few pictures without being obvious, dangerous or too late. Just think what a shot I could have gotten of that cos play guy in Shibuya…

I got this from my bro et al for my bday. It’s by a company called

I like it. I don’t wear a lot of standard T’s but I’ll have to find reasons.

I found out next weekend is a girls only Yokohama bike ride thing. I’m kind of wondering how I can do that… Beaute is too big to take to Yokohama even if it’s only 45 minutes away by train. Still obsessively looking at mini velos from Bianchi, Raleigh and now Bruno. I wish Raleigh did a small size mixte, but they only have small scale boys frames.

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