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Splutter, Splutter, Sapuri

July 30, 2010

I haven’t been well.

That damn bronchitis that I thought was finally leaving me after hanging around long past it’s welcome has made a second run at me. Well, I tell ya, the gloves are off. For about one evening, it really had me on my knees, and then I rose up, and vowed, by the power of the Japanese supplement industry, I would not let this thing win. (ok, I haven’t won yet either, but I’m not going down this time without a fight).

In the last 28 hours or so, I think I have consumed my yearly allowance of Vitamin C. RHG, when she was here, took the orange juice route to the same ends, but, well, I don’t like orange juice very much, and I went for speed missile supli power attack.

I’ve had 2 of these:

2 of these:

and 2 of these:

I think that puts me in somewhere around 6000mg of vitamin C. It actually seems to be working. Maybe. This is not my usual tack on being sick. I usually sleep, eat well, watch daytime tv. I’ve tried all those things for the last month and all that has happened is I keep coughing but I’m gaining weight.

I think what this really calls for is some kind of specialized power ranger in a vitamin-c-lemon suit with some kind of special sick defying energy ray.

Right before I bronchitis relapsed, I had a long ride on my bike in the rain. I rode past the bubble gum factory near Takadanobaba. You know, the one you see from the yamanote line with the big lotte gum signs? No? Well you would if you were here and you rode the Yamanote much. But anyway, the cool thing was, when you ride through there on a bike, it SMELLS all over like bubble gum. For a moment I thought I was passing by Willy Wonka’s or something. It looks nothing like a gum factory from the back. It could pass either as a very clean abattoir or a nuclear power plant. It wasn’t till I SMELT it, that I realized I was on the back side of Lotte.

Anyway, I’m sure there were some other pictures of stuff. But I can’t find my camera cord. And in my wretched coughing state, i can’t say I’m too bothered to go looking very hard. Which is why I posted my energy drink diary. Oh wait, that reminds me, I was going to review them.

Acerola drink: This little red bottle has always looked interesting to me. To be honest, the only supplement drink I have had before (other than the CC Lemon pop) has been that Ribobitan D or whatever it’s called that Kelly used to drink in Tochigi after a late night out. Ribobitan D was sweet and syrupy and yummy in a weird medicinal way.* But Acerola. Wow. Like a little cold jar of sweet fruit goodness. It’s like someone squeezed a sunset into a bottle and then chilled it. Goosebumby good.

C1000 Lemon Supli: Seemed like a good choice for a shot of vitamin C. They also make C and C 1000 which is Collagen and Vitamin C. This aspect alone freaked me out a bit. But hell, I’m at the point where anything to stop the coughing is worth trying. OH DIVINE. Really. Why did no one tell me these things are so like liquid candy? AND, AND it was FIZZY! Can’t complain about that. Oh no, ya can’t.

C1000 Lemon Water: Much like it’s blah name, this one was meh. It does get points for being available as a “frozen” drink. It comes already solid in the freezer at the convenience store. So while the taste was a bit of a let down (especially after doing shots of the above), the cold popsicle aspect was a real plus on the raw throat.

What did I learn? That my allegiance to product can be bought by it’s sugar content and it’s promises to use “science” to get rid of this ickiness. I can foresee myself going into liver/kidney failure from over supplementation if they don’t make these things less palatable.

*let me just clarify something. Ribobitan D or whatever it is, is full of “MEDICINAL” things. I remember Kelly telling me it had caffeine and nicotine and codeine in it. I could be remembering wrong. I could be gullible. I never looked into it. But that is the IMAGE I have of it–as chocked full of icky things that if I need them that badly, I should just go home and sleep. I am not advocating a supplement lifestyle, and the supplements I have popped here are, to the best of my knowledge, just vitamin C. I could have bought Vitamin C tablets. But come on, how boring is that? When in Rome…

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  1. RHG permalink
    July 31, 2010 3:17 am

    Nicotine and codeine? Sounds like a win win situation!
    But seriously, you want me to send some Buckley’s? It was what finally killed my cough. It can be in the mail very quickly….

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