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Snowball in July

July 28, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday (and somewhere in Canada it still is).

I both love and hate birthdays. I love all the attention, and being spoiled. I hate getting older in a way that doesn’t usually bother me. Getting older in Japan seems to be somehow a bit stickier on the mood than getting older in Canada to. Here, I feel OLD. In that OLD-MAID with capital letters kind of way.

Luckily I had good folks around to spend the day with.

Momo and I headed off to the Shinjuku park view La Boheme for lunch. On the way we passed this store. It’s called “Uniform CULT”. I liked it. They sell uniforms. I can see how the association from uniforms reaches cult. It makes sense. So why not just say it straight up?

When we got to the restaurant, we cooled off with a nice cold drink, and tiny little itsy bitsy “service” glasses of wine.

Wait, I don’t think this picture does service to the real size of the wine glasses.

See? It’s barely visible there in my hand. But I’m not complaining–it’s just about the right size of wine for lunch.

La Boheme does a convincing job of looking like a 1930s dance club turned into an Italian restaurant. We asked on the way out how old the building was

… It turns out the building is about 10 years old, and the spot where the restaurant is used to be a gas station before it was a restaurant…

For dinner we went to MILK just off Cat Street. It’s a lovely little place, but apparently too hard to find. We seemed to be constantly short one person who was off looking for someone else. I gave Yuki a ride there along a pedestrian/bike walkway on the back of my bike. It handled remarkably well with her sitting side saddle on the back rack.

Momo at Milk.

From there we went to Kyohayashiya, a Japanese desert place by the UN Uni campus that I have been wanting to go to for a long time.

On the way, we passed by this Toni and Guy vending machine, for those emergency hair product moments.

Kyohayashiya was very white inside. Like being inside a sugar cube.

This is Momo’s anmitsu.

And my Zensai with shirotama. It was good, but to be honest I had menu envy for Momo’s. Damn last moment changes of mind when ordering.

BT had a bowl of white. Also known as an artificial snowball. Or rather shaved ice.

Yuki with her warabi mochi. It was lovely too.

Thanks for a lovely day everyone, and all the nice wishes that were sent to me.

Oh. And on the way home, as I pedalled and pondered what I should do about wanting both a portable bike for taking on the train and a classic retro bike, I had a revelation. I can get a fairly cheap portable bike, in black, and then retro it out. Thus I get over the problem of retro bikes having no gears, and get my portable bike at the same time. It’s not authentic (but we all know the problems that arise with questions of authenticity) but it will be very “me”. I’m thinking a 20 or 22 inch wheeled bike, possibly with a folding body, that I can then put a nice leather seat on, old style handle bars, and then add some retro geegaus to, like fender decorations and an appropriate basket. I’m still not totally sure, but it might be a working solution. I just need to figure out now if I buy a new bike with good gears etc, or go find a second hand one (which are dead cheap here, like 30 bucks).

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  1. RHG permalink
    July 28, 2010 8:58 pm

    Happy (belated) birthday!

    Here’s hoping that the saucy delivery guys leave a vintage, folding bike from the war in pristine condition on your doorstep 🙂

  2. Libby permalink
    August 27, 2010 2:32 am

    WTF are you eating. That doesn’t look like dessert to me. Please enlighten my ignorant Western mind.

    • August 27, 2010 2:45 am

      Zenzai, in my experience, is normally red. It’s a kind of red bean sweet soup, usually warm, with little sweet mochi rice balls in it. This one was green tea zenzai, and it was kind of TOO sweet. If you want good zenzai, I know a place in kamakura. wanna go?

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