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Ready, set, wait.

July 26, 2010

It’s been a wait around kind of day.

The bike shop guy came today to replace the faulty grip on the Beaute’s handle bars. That’s service, coming to me to fix a handle. Is it really awful that I have gone from it bothering me that grip was made poorly to now worrying that it isn’t quite on like it would have been if new? It doesn’t snuggle up to the gear changer quite closely enough for my taste.

I then waited around for my compass delivery from amazon. I decided to just pay the 700 yen to get a compass for the bike. I get lost enough that it should pay itself off pretty well. I ordered a rear view mirror at the same time, but it will be a few more days. Look at how ridiculously large the box was for this little compass bell! (I have removed the other packing material, it wasn’t loose in the box)

Here it is installed, along with the flower from little bean.

And since I was snapping shots, I took one of the bag I hooked on her for carrying my basket rain cover and sometimes my rain coat. I picked it up at the other flea market last weekend. I got the idea from riding pretty, but I couldn’t find a bag that would fit under my seat easily so I improvised.

While I’ve been waiting, I’ve done a bit of productive work, but I also started to look at camera holders for the handle bars…

I thought once everything arrived, I would head out for a bike ride, but the sky has opened up and it’s pouring. Maybe I could manage the rain, but there is a lot of lightening out there right now too. I’ve cycled in a lightning storm once before here and it freaked me right out.

I guess I will sit here and rest up for getting older tomorrow.

I’m still waffling about getting a second bike. I kind of want a small wheeled road bike to do longer trips but that would pack up for the train. I just don’t know enough about road bikes to make that kind of purchase well though…. So I guess I won’t order that for next day delivery quite yet.

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