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BBQ Day 2

July 26, 2010

After the Saturday BBQ we all woke up and made waffles. Having a waffle maker here is a bit of a rarity–I lugged it over in my suitcase once in 2005 and it has circulated around ever since. Nothing matches fresh Belgium waffles for Saturday breakfast, especially after a social evening.

We followed up waffles with Uzu yogurt (Uzu is a kind of citrus, rounder and yellower than an orange) that Uchi picked up when he went for a spin round the neighbourhood while we were all sleeping. It was AMAZING. Can I emphasize that? Best yogurt ever.

The boys apparently had also never used a lazy-boy before. Shinpei made sure to try it out for all its possible configurations.

After breakfast and lazy-boy surfing, we headed out by bike to the flea market down the street. We were one bike short, so Uchi used my nephew’s kickboard. Can you tell he’s an accomplished snowboarder?

I have no idea what I was looking at. But what concerns me more is what is Shinpei looking at?

Ignore my urban floral Indian Jones look. Instead check out the lady in the background with the blue soda popsicle. It was incredibly hot again. I scored a brand new exercise ball for 100 yen (a buck).

and this drawer for free. The lock is the imperial chrysanthemum crest.

Then it was time to head home for the second bbq, with my friends my own age, or as BT referred to them, my old(er) friends. (Ah youth….) But once again the boys ended up on the balcony grilling, and the girls inside eating. That works for me.

What a lovely way to spend my (almost) birthday weekend–surrounded by new friends on Saturday, and solid lifelong friends on Sunday. Not to mention amazing food all weekend. I’m still full…. I’m very grateful for all the treats, the grillers, the beers, but most of all the friends.

Ryoma was the star of the show…although he here is very suspicious of us all….

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