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Sunshine and sunpower

July 23, 2010

That’s my pretty new light. I saw her blink a little when I brought her into the garage tonight. It’s a solar light that charges during the day and then flashes when you ride at night. (although, having said that, I don’t know how it knows if you are riding or not… maybe it is flashing in the garage right now) It means no matter how spacey I am, I will always have a back light.

It was a pretty long and hot ride (mostly down hill) to the bike shop, so while they sorted out the light, Momo and I had cold noodles. The mushrooms were DELIGHTFUL.

I snapped this Kuroneko delivery bike near the shop. They are everywhere, but I really like/respect them. Especially in this heat. We have the mountain bike delivery guys with messenger bags weaving through traffic too, and while they are serious guys, these guys seem a little more dignified.

This man was in front of us around Azabu Juban. He had a style all his own, but I melted when I saw he was wearing bedroom slippers.

We loaded up with groceries at Hanamasa for the BBQ tomorrow. It doesn’t look like much in that basket, but we were both pretty laden down.

Momo in style on her way out to a meeting later.

While I continued the BBQ prep, picking up a case of beer and a litre of plum wine. This is the view from my saddle. What a nice big basket the Beaute has.

I don’t own this. But I’m thinking I might like to. It’s not as sweet as the black one I got bid out on in the Yahoo auction, but this is a 1985 post office bike. It’s not so common to see a girls version. I think with some new handle grips and maybe a seat upgrade it could be pretty cool. I don’t know. I’m not sure if I want something that new. It’s a toss up between condition and history for me. I think it might be fun to have a post office bike. But if I get this, I give up on the idea of a 1930s bike… Maybe a 1930s bike is out of my current league anyway.

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