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Come-on Delicious

July 22, 2010

It’s still hot as stink here. No, really. They just said on the news that three, THREE!, people died today from heat stroke. That’s not-messing around hot. It was 39 in some areas of Tokyo. I used to have a 32 degree cut-off, meaning that after 32 degrees I pretty much stopped going outside. Then I got cocky and thought I had “acclimated”. Need I say that Momo and I hid indoors for as much of the day as possible?

We headed out by bike late afternoon towards the subway, parking our bikes at the Omotesando Hills bike parking lot. That sentence makes me laugh a bit…Omotesando Hills is not where most people park their Chari (shopping bikes), it’s a bit on the pretentious side. I’ll be sure to take a pic next time.

We made our way out to Tama for a lovely dinner at BT’s parents’ place. Tempura and chirashizushi, YUM YUM. We brought Hara-roll cake for desert and it matched perfectly with sliced mango and peach.

Afterwards we did a little front yard fireworks (more fire-sparklers). Lovely evening.

By the time we headed back into the city it had cooled considerably and we attempted to do a bit of a bike ride before coming home since day time exercise is almost out of the question. Even at 11pm it was really too hot to ride comfortably, but we did a little circuit through Shibuya and back. It’s too bad I’m still not quite better because it would be great weather for running–over 27 degrees and you double your calorie burn. Plus you are always limber and it’s a bit like hot yoga: it’s tough but also feels kind of amazing. I think if I tried right now I would hack up a lung on the sidewalk.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with a bike store to have my back reflector replaced with a solar tail light that will come on automatically when it is dark. This will compliment my front internal hub dynamo front light nicely since I think neither are really sufficient road lights, but having two lights that work without relying on batteries, or on me to remember to pick them up off my desk at the end of the evening in the library will be a huge backup bonus. However, I am NOT looking forward to riding across town in the heat. In fact I think it is approaching dangerous.

*”come on delicious” is Saran wrap’s current slogan.

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