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sneaking elephants into tokyo

July 20, 2010

so, I hear this is true pretty much everywhere, but man, it is just TOO hot to bear. I think I have to be honest and leave the bike in the stable for a few days unless it’s for night riding.

Yesterday was a funny day. Nothing like waking up late on a Saturday to see yourself on TV. I don’t know if I mentioned that I ran into the crew from Chisanpo a few weeks ago. It wasn’t supposed to be on till August but I guess they ran it early. Nothing quite like seeing yourself talk in a foreign language to a tv camera while sick with bronchitis. And man, the camera adds 50 pounds, not ten. Kudos to momo and BT though for catching it was on and calling me down.

you can’t see it, but that says “Cool Bus”

We all, along with RHG, trudged out to the burbs for a flea market.  Our wish list included something I could turn into a saddle bag for the beaute, a hat, and of course not opposed to the idea of finding a 1950s vintage bike in perfect shape, RHG wanted some manchurian travel brochures from the colonial period, and Momo was looking, dammit I forget what, but we were all travelling with pretty idealistic pipe dreams.

I found my hat within minutes of walking in. Sadly, no bikes or vintage documents, but I did amass far too many bags. Five in fact. Most for a buck a piece. RHG got italian boots for a buck too.

It was something like 35 degrees and RHG caught a bit too much sun. It was verging on miserably awful hotness. We had to have more kakigori. Seriously, it was that horrible kind of hot. RHG described it as having a heat gun pointed at you. It’s so hot in fact that a 45 year old man dropped dead while out on a walk today.

big baby is watching.

yeah, that’s right. It maybe park view but it’s still a sucky location to butt onto the highway.

this bike wasn’t even locked to anything. it made me sad. such violence.

Today, RHG’s last official day.


Coffee break.  Those cubes are ice coffee.

sorry, is that too small to read? Well here, a close up.

That first letter is a “P”

Hat store hound.

Tonight we hit the Modern Boys and Modern Girls restaurant in Shibuya, although there was nothing 20s period about the place in the end. Still it was good food and good company. Actually, it was okay food and excellent company.

Idioms arose as a subject of conversation, such as having a stomach like an anaconda after eating a goat. Which brings us to elephants.  I would like to introduce you to a new idiom, and I think it’s a good one: “Like sneaking an elephant into Tokyo.” Definition: It can be done, but only with a great deal of effort and prior planning and thus avoids a lot of collateral damage. I think I mentioned a while back watching about how an elephant was snuck into tokyo under cover of night, walking through the streets of tokyo to the ueno zoo. The lead up was quite impressive, but basically authorities were worried about  rioting elementary schoolers trying to catch a glimpse of Indira.

So chew it over, try it out. See what works for you, you could use it for things that can only be done once the kids are in bed (ex 1), or for things that require extensive planning (ex 2). But come on, wouldn’t it be a great idiom?

ex 1:

Hey Lib, you wanna watch that R rated movie and eat a quart of haagen daz?

Sure Joe, but it will have to be like sneaking elephants into tokyo.

ex 2:

Hey Jane, you think you can get away for the weekend? Can you get the day off work and find a dog sitter?

Yeah, probably, but it’s going to be like sneaking an elephant into tokyo.

See. Isn’t it a great idiom? Isn’t it time we had some fresh idioms?

Anyway, then we went on to COD, which is a bar I’ve wanted to go to since 89. It’s here in gaienmae and is now right across the street from the living quarters.

Look, COD peace.

RHG (shown here in her flea market score of a scarf) is leaving tomorrow. Clearly I highly doubt this a good idea. We’ve enjoyed having her here tremendously. Good belly laughs.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. RHG permalink
    July 20, 2010 10:38 pm

    Next time, I won’t chase you with a stick for making me laugh because I won’t have quicksand in my lungs that gets angry when I vibrate happy!

  2. Libby permalink
    August 26, 2010 10:00 pm

    Ha! We had a cameo appearance in your blog! Love the idiom, I am totally going to try & use it.

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