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July 18, 2010

Ok, I need to get some business out of the way for the summer games but with some caveats.

It’s freaking hot here. Too hot to even really consider a day time picnic. In fact, it was too hot to ride the bike during the day at all today. So the last piece of the Summer Games, the picnic, had to be redefined. The RHG, Momo and I just went for a latenight, urban guerilla icecream picnic bike ride. It has a very blairwitch aesthetic. However, we did all get on the bikes, and go somewhere for the purpose of a picnic, so, despite the urban Asian heat, I think this was a good, and fun solution. Now, in addition, I should point out, it was the first time RHG had been on a bike in almost six years.

I had teramisu icecream, Momo, oddly had momo ice (peach), and RHG a Meiji Black chocolate bar.

and some other goodies I picked up. A bit of slowbit and some Van houten DearCacao. As you do.

Now “time slip” as we say here, back to last night, when I went to Mami Iijima’s concert which just happened to be near my house. I met her through a friend in Vancouver, and man, does she have pipes. What a lovely lovely singer, and a good song writer too.

This morning I met with my friend Kuniko in my old hood and we walked to nearby Gokukuji to have Ramen at Chabuya for lunch. It was an amazing place, and I think it may officially have pushed Musashi, my former favourite, into second place.

The decor was lovely, the servers equally easy on the eyes, and the ramen I had was a spicy sesame seed. That meant no meat, and I got to ground my own seeds. It was YUM-ERS. And the noodles were just the right texture…oh man was it good. Non of that greasy post ramen feeling, but all the flavour and loveliness.

Kuniko and I had a lovely afternoon although I made her walk rather a lot.

We walked along the river. I think these neighbours likely hate each other.

We came across a local festival, where the fire department set up some water play for the kids.

And the grannies were making shaved ice for only 50 yen!!

Went by Todai (Tokyo University)

and the other famous buildings around campus

and now for a little bike love. We came across this Bridgestone bike at Todai. The model is a “Love, Love”. Isn’t that great? It had the date written in it, it was late 70s.

And in front of a book store outside the gates was this rod break bike which is clearly used for real work. I also noticed a police man riding a rod break bike today which made me wonder, are their bikes really old, or are they still making rod break bikes?

It’s always a lovely day with Kuniko, and she was so patient with me oogling bikes all day…

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