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countryside thursdays

July 15, 2010

This is my vegetable guy at his stall with his friend. Yes, it’s not a good picture. Anyway, on Thursdays I usually have class out at my host uni, way out of town (as many unis here are) and on my way home I stop at this great vegetable stand. The old man is pretty hard of hearing, but he gives me a great deal on my veggies, and they are way better than anything I can get around my over-urban area. The tomatoes are divine. I didn’t actually have class today as summer break began this week, but by fluke I ended up there because my painting teacher (who has no connection to my host uni whatsoever) happens to live out there too and we went to his house for a very long afternoon tea.
He and his wife were lovely and spoiled us rotten with treats and goodies. But best of all, his wife sent me home with a jar of yogurt culture so I can make my own yogurt. They have been using the same culture for over a decade. I think that is PDC (pretty darn cool).
I’m trying it right now, both with milk, and with a bit of soy. I have no idea if it will work with soy, does anyone know? I would be pretty great if it did.
This evening my house guest and I had salmon rice and watched Japan Sinks. I talked all the way through it. I do that. I’m pretty sure it’s annoying. oops. She’s feeling pretty poorly, and it sucks to be sick on such a short trip, so fingers crossed for her that it’s run its course by morning.
I didn’t get a chance to ride my bike today, the trip was too far for two wheels. However I did spend a significant part of the day obsessing over the bike I want that is on Yahoo auction. It looks like a 50s or 60s Bridgestone upright, with what I think are rod breaks, and it looks like it is in mint condition. I know, I JUST bought a bike. But this is a classic.
Tomorrow I am back on my wheels to cross town to pay the deposit on my Taiko classes. Pretty exciting…. (lots of “pretty”s today).
And finally, FINALLY, I think I am at the end of the sick train. The cough is almost gone, my voice is back, and the head is starting to clear of thinking fog. And then, I guess, it’s time to get down to real work.

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