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Art and wine.

July 14, 2010

It may be a very poor idea to blog after putting away a few… we’ll see how this goes.

This morning I had painting class. It was not my most stellar day at painting. I seem to have lost the flow a bit. I think I need to get some supplies for home and sit on the balcony and practice. I do enjoy the meditative aspect of it, both the painting and the grinding of the ink.

The afternoon I wasted away riding around the hood and surfing the net. I am totally taken with a 50s bike on Yahoo auction. But I am trying to restrain myself. Still, how cool would it be to have a retro Japanese bike?

This evening I went with Yuki to the Mizuma gallery for 2 openings. We drank too much free wine and I ended up making silly conversation with Makoto Aida. I’m not sure if that was good or bad. Completely insanely, Yuki’s good friend Te-chan showed up independently of us because she knows one of the artists. After the opening we, and her friends went on for drinks. Oh, and the art was supremely good. I really enjoyed the obsessive detail, the Buddhist themes and the war iconography.

The bar was a bit of a bust. We were chatting with this group of men at the bar who, at the outset, seemed interesting. But they turned out to be fairly uninteresting.

Still, the group I was with were great fun. Somehow I ended up trying to resuscitate this plastic chicken… Not sure why, it made sense at the time.

They went on for Karaoke, but I, trying to be a good girl who is not quite entirely over being sick, came home. I probably had about 3 more drinks than I should have anyway and didn’t need anymore.

Being on the trains on the way there reminded me why I love the bike so much. So crowded and packed in like sardines, there was none of the loveliness of today’s afternoon ride in which I enjoyed both the back alleys of little shops and coffee places, and the wind blowing through the trees. And, that is 6 bucks that is gone forever. Wouldn’t it be better spent on a retro bike that I could keep forever?

Tomorrow I really need to find my way back to work if I am going to be better (which GOD, I hope I am). I thought I had class tomorrow, but apparently I missed the end of term… Summer is here it would seem.

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