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the old hood

July 12, 2010

I didn’t ride my bike today.

It was raining and blustering, but also I took my friend who is visiting across town to the University she needed a source from. It was by fluke that the Uni she needed is the one that was next door to my house when I lived over in Myogadani in high school. I passed by the gates of that Uni so many times and always wondered what was inside, and today I got to go in an explore. While she was busy in the library, I found my way to the roof terrace and snapped some shots of the skyline. I could see the house we lived in quite clearly from there, but somehow I had forgotten both my camera and my new phone so I shot it with the old cell phone which only takes tiny little photos.

My house was right next to the large white blob (the Zambian Ambassador’s residence) on the right side.

The Shinjuku skyline from Myogadani.

My old neighbourhood has developed quite a bit, but other things have stayed exactly the same. The house looks the same, the Ono’s drycleaners is still there, but the Lewis’ house is gone and in it’s place a new building for Ochanomizu university is going up. What was REALLY strange to me was that the video store was still there. You know, the VHS rental store that Charin and I used to go to all the time to rent flicks like Tequila Sunrise and Lethal Weapon. No one rents videos anymore, and Tsutaya has pretty much taken over the rental DVD market anyway. So that was a real blast from the past.

From there we went to Ikebukuro and Tokyu Hands, but I totally forgot what I wanted from there (because of the foggy sick head) until about 2 hours after we left. We had a lovely little lunch at Choco Kuro (the chocolate croissant cafe also known as Saint Mark) and then went to the Giant book store Junkado where I am proud to say, I didn’t buy anything. A short browse through Muji and the day was pretty much done. Ikebukuro really hasn’t changed in 20 years, although there are no longer stalls selling bootleg video games and cds. So not so exciting a day, but a lovely day. We also made a little trip to Flaneur for dessert and it turns out the raspberry latte might even be better than the coconut latte….

So, I’m still sick, but maybe almost better? Please? I want to be finished being sick now…

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