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down by the river

July 10, 2010

I was feeling a bit better today and although the forecast was for 30 degrees, it just didn’t feel as hot, so I decided to finally head out to Daikanyama. I decided I would just take it slow and see how far I got. I headed down the 246 and on the way passed this farmers market at the UN University.
I didn’t end up buying anything because it was the start of my day, and cause it’s kind of expensive, but I did enjoy walking around and looking…

From there it was a pretty easy coast down to Daikanyama. Daikanyama seems to have a lot in common with Kits in that it is fully of fancy stores and kids stores and funky food places. I rode around but didn’t really stop anywhere other than to look into two bike stores. One, called FIG had this great basket called a Showa basket. I fell a little bit in love with it…

I thought it would look really great on my bike, and wished there was one for the back as well. But I carried on my way just chewing on it cause I want to make the right choice instead of going through several…

I carried on towards Nakameguro along the river. Isn’t it beautiful?

And it was nice and cool under the trees. I have to say though, apologetically, it smelled something rank. I don’t know if there is sewage in there or if just the heat makes something in the river ferment, but it would have been supreme if it wasn’t for the stench. Ok, it wasn’t obnoxiously strong, but it really took away from the romanticism of a bike ride along a canal.

As I got close to Meguro Station, or at least where I had to turn up the hill towards it, there was this lovely bridge. I really liked the detail of it.

I thought I would head from there towards Shirokane (where the bike store my brother got his bike is at) (yes, it’s lame, I was going from bike store to bike store) and although I actually never left the route I had set before I left, I thought I was lost for a fair while. It was a little funny because I thought I had done something wrong and missed the store, when I realized I was right next to it, but I was 180 degrees different from where I imagined myself to be. I talked to them briefly and they are going to order the solar rear light and install it for me. I have no idea if that was a stupid thing to do when I could have ordered it online and done it myself, but it seemed to make sense at the time.

I crossed the road and went to Nikunohanamasa, the whole-sale grocer, and picked up some things. I hadn’t had lunch by this point, despite that I was planning to stop at a nice cafe or something. It seems when I go out alone, I always end up skipping meals because it doesn’t seem worth it to go in alone. So at Hanamasa I got (go ahead, roll your eyes) an ice cream sandwich, the kind where its like cone making a shell with a strip of chocolate up the middle, and called it lunch.

The rest of the ride home was uneventful. Although I meant to mention the election is tomorrow so there are lots of loud speaker trucks out. My personal favourite is the one that is advocating for a new version of “Japan is number one”, in which it is, or should be, “number one most happy.” I find this disturbing. I mean, should happiness really be competitive? And if so, doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose? I mean, I’m glad they are softening the superiority messages, but it does kind of smack of a weird complex.

I came home, and then, after a short rest, headed back out to Olympic and Muji. I wanted to buy this dress at Muji and look at baskets at Olympic. I ended up buying neither. Apparently I was in a non-spending kind of mood. I thought I would just go to the FIG store near here in Harajuku to see if they had the Showa basket too. They did. I was totally going to buy it. But then the crushing news that it won’t mount on Beaute. Oh well. It would have looked SO pretty.

I did toodle around behind Harajuku though and found some nice little laneways etc.

I also was passed by this crazy little motor-trike which my picture of is blurry.

That’s all. It wasn’t a very exciting day. Oh, except for one gross mystery. Last night in the garage, I killed a cockroach and was too lazy to sweep it up. I hacked the poor bugger in half, so it was well dead. But this morning when I went out there, it WAS GONE. Do you think ants will eat a cockroach? I don’t think the toads (which eat the ants) can get into the garage. How does a cockroach carcass just disappear? Really?

..and can I reiterate how much I love the laundry drying forecast on the weather report?

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